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Research & Development

Air Quench

We have built a testing machine and worked to develop air quenching technologies in order to solve the problems of residual stress and distortion of the work-pieces coming from conventional hot water quenching that is commonly performed in the heat treatment process for aluminium products. We have obtained necessary design parameters after repeated quenching tests varying heating/cooling temperatures and time. Testing of heat treatment for titanium alloy has been also performed. Based on such testing machine and experiences, we can offer a best suitable equipment according to customer's own requirements.

Air Quench

Analysis and Design Optimization

We have been introducing design optimization utilizing Taguchi Method (MT). In order to meet customer's requirements, we work on from proposing a test plan to its developing in actual equipment, including prediction of performances and conformity with global standards.

Counter-flow Acid Pickling Equipment for Wire Zinc Galvanizing Line

Our acid pickling equipment applies counter-flow design so as to accelerate a reaction between wire and acid, which also makes overall length of the acid pickling tank short. Our new design to minimize evaporation of hydrochloric fume also can improve the working environment and reduce the hydrochloric acid consumption.

Counter-flow Acid Pickling Equipment for Wire Zinc Galvanizing Line1
Counter-flow Acid Pickling Equipment for Wire Zinc Galvanizing Line2

Development of Slit Nozzle Regenerative Burner

We have developed slit nozzle regenerative burner which is suitable for medium or small-sized reheating furnaces for forging. When existing furnaces are renovated from conventional burners to regenerative burners, there are problems such as localized heating and destruction of metallographic structure of the work-pieces to be heated. Our developed slit nozzle regenerative burners expand the burner flame horizontally, for this reason, the effective heating zone height of the furnace can be secured as it was before renovation. This also can make the furnace height compact when is newly built.

Development of Slit Nozzle Regenerative Burner

Development of Highly-insulated Aluminium Holding Furnace

We have made researches of refractory constitution and how to install and have developed a highly-insulated aluminium molten metal holding furnace so as to improve energy consumption and working environment. It improves the thermal insulating properties by 20% compared to our conventional holding furnaces. This technology is fully utilized in our original electric melting & holding furnace "S-MIC".

Highly-insulated Aluminium Holding Furnace1
Highly-insulated Aluminium Holding Furnace2

Combustion Experimental Equipment for Combustibles

In order to enhance safe operability of our machining chip drying system IDEX and Eco-Kiln, we have collected lots of data produced from our own combustion experimental equipment on the combustion of coolant which is used in the machining process of aluminium products. Based on these data, we try to choose design parameters such as temperature and oxygen level in the actual drying system. We are continuing further development so that we can provide safe and suitably-controlled machining chip dryer to our customer.

Combustion Experimental Equipment for Combustibles

Contents we introduce in our home page is merely a part of our research and development. We have worked on not only our own development, but also we have made a lot of proposals against our customers' requirements and worries. Our Sanken Sangyo s establish management principle "To provide something of value for customers, and continuously enhance customer's confidences and satisfactions", and from now on also, we will work on research and development together with our customers.