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Environmental Activities

Eco Action 21 Certification

In order to aim conservation of the global environment in our business activities, we have decided to tackle "Eco Action 21" one of the environmental management systems.

"Eco Action 21" is an environmental management system based on the Eco-Action 21 guidelines Ministry of the Environment has developed. It started operations in March 2006 in the head office first, and then we have obtained/renewed its certification across our company, including factory and all branch offices in March, 2012.

Taking this certification as a new starting point, we will make a effort to contribute to the harmonious development of human society and conservation of the global environment in the future, too.

Eco Action 21

Eco Action 21 Certification No. 0000723
Registrant Sanken Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Subject of office and factory Head Office, Tokyo Office, Osaka Office, Chubu Office, Hokkaido Office, Hokuriku Office and Factory.
Date of Certification March 31, 2006
Last updated date March 31, 2020
Certification Organization Institute for Promoting Sustainable Societies