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Sanken Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a company to do the plan, the design, the construction, and the maintenance of Industrial Furnace. Since 1949, we have made the industrial furnace. We have delivered products, technologies, and services that our customers satisfied in more than 30 countries as well as Japan.

Necessity of Industrial Furnaces

Total Produce Flow

In order to produce our familiar metallic products or components, for example, aluminium motor wheels, melting process of stock and heat treatment process of castings are essential. Industrial furnace is essential equipment for such processes.

Features of our industrial furnaces are not only excellent in energy-saving, scrap recycling and other advanced technologies, but also are contributing to the environmental conservation.

Also, we have ability to propose a new perspective on customer's needs such as cost reduction as well as integrated ability to offer consistent services from initial planning to after-sales maintenance, in that way, we have been highly reputed by many customers until now.

Field of activity

We have mainly supported by customers mainly in the steel industry and the automotive industry. Most of metallic products around us, such as motor wheels, electronic components used for mobile phone, aluminium window frame and so on, are manufactured via industrial furnaces.

Fundamental metallic products of our daily lives, such as Turbine in the power plant, crankshaft for large vessel like oil tanker, architectural materials used for building construction, etc. are also manufactured via industrial furnaces.

Industrial furnaces are absolutely necessary to manufacture products not only for personal belongings but also for social infrastructure. It is not too much to say that we cannot live without industrial furnaces.

By being used in the manufacture of parts of space rocket, industrial furnaces have expanded the playing field to the aerospace industry. Our Industrial furnaces are already involved in the production of international space rocket HIIB, working on most advanced technology field is expected.

Our Dream

Contribution to Global Environmental Conservation

Contribution to Global Environmental Conservation

Recently, global environmental issues are now changing from the world-scale destruction of the ozone layer to the abnormal weather that affects the civic life.

By addressing the reduction of greenhouse gas emission as well as the realization of resources and energy savings through the development of products and furnace technologies, we will continue to contribute to the conservation of irreplaceable global environments.

Contribution to the harmonious development of human society

Contribution to the harmonious development of human society

Vehicles and vessels manufactured via our industrial furnace activate the distribution of goods everywhere in the world, making our lives more comfortable.

In the same way, turbine rotor in the power plant is manufactured using our industrial furnaces produces electric power indispensable for human life in the world.

Through industrial furnaces, we will continue to contribute to the harmonious development of human society.